Monday, March 01, 2021

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Residential Weekly Service




 Yard Debris

Monthly Rate


20-gallon cart

60-gallon cart



35- gallon cart

60-gallon cart



60‑gallon cart

60-gallon cart



90‑gallon cart

60-gallon cart




Once per month service


35-gallon cart

60-gallon cart




Residential Services Provided

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As a residential customer of Rockwood Solid Waste you have weekly collection of garbage, recycling and yard debris. To ensure pick-up, have everything curbside by 6 am on day of collection

Size Weight
20-gallon cart 35 lbs.
35-gallon cart 60 lbs.
60-gallon cart 120 lbs.
90-gallon cart 145 lbs.


  • Bag lightweight materials, including ashes and cat litter, before putting them in the can or cart. Doing so will prevent them from blowing away when collected.
  • Do not put household chemicals (e.g., paints, pesticides, herbicides) in the garbage. Call Metro at 503-234-3000 for information on proper disposal.
  • Your can or cart must not exceed the above weight limits


  • Rockwood Solid Waste will provide you with one Curby recycling bin for glass only and a blue recycling cart for all other recycling materials. Please place your extra curby bin out on your collection day for us to pick-up.
  • Please use your Curby bin for your recycling glass only. Make sure to set it out only when full, as it is a signal to us that you have recyclables to be picked up.
  • Prepare and sort your recyclables according to the instructions on the lid of you're recycling cart. We will not collect recyclables that are contaminated with other materials or garbage .
  • Glass must be set in the provided curby near the recycle cart on curb.
  • Motor oil must be put in a transparent jug (milk jug) and set near the recycle cart on curb.
  • To see a list of recyclable materials click HERE.

General Options Special Offers


For more information on the yard debris exemption program please call 503-618-2518 (Gresham), 503-665-7929 (Fairview) or 503-667-6211 (Wood village). You may only apply for this exemption within thirty days of starting garbage service or from March 1 to June 30 annually.

 Additional cans, bags or bundles may be set out for an extra charge. If you compost all of your yard debris, or use a city-approved landscaper, you may be able to save $2.85 a month on your garbage bill.


  • Include leaves, grass clippings, tree and shrub pruning's less than four inches in diameter, and other things that grow in your yard. Pumpkins are okay, too.
  • Don't include plastic bags, stumps, rocks, dirt, ashes, or animal waste.
  • Yard debris should fit in the can or cart with the lid tightly on and must fall freely when the can or cart is emptied.
  • When you place your can or cart at the curb, make sure the sticker provided by us is visible at the curbside.
  • If you put out a bundle instead of a can, make sure that it is no longer than 4 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter.
  • You may set out additional cans, bags or bundles at an extra charge.